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Originally Posted by John Firestone View Post
Ten seconds of duckduckgo-ing found this thread.
Very good thread, thanks for the link. Whadda nightmare. If I have to go through all that I might just grab a sawsall and a drill and put in some toggle switches. That looks like a pain I'd never want to experience again. I'd just get BMW to do it but at $240/h shop time plus first born child for the part I'd probably be into the project for $500 bucks. Automotive toggles go for $29 for 3 and wires, are, well wires with negligible cost.

On the pushing on the arm re: the high beams. You were correct. Thanks for the tip. My Jeep you just pull it and hold it for a quarter second to engage or pull it and click it to disengage. I tried all manner of attempts that didn't work, twisting the arm, looking for a foot switch, but sometimes its something stupidly simple as it should be. I tried it and gave it a simple push and the high beams came on normally.

There were a few burned out fuses I replaced, but no dice on getting the instrumentation cluster lit up and replacing the fuses didn't do jack for the traction control issue. Seeing as the traction control warning popped up at the same time as the dimmer failed, it's probably yet another switch on the same circuit, as it's button is lit on the dimmer (ASC), maybe it's going to a relay and the system is detecting that it can't communicate with the switch.

Amazing that they ran so much through that one dimmer circuit. In the thread that you shared it says things about the cigarette lighter, stereo and a whole manner of other interior gadgets running off that circuit.

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