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Originally Posted by Coop540iT View Post
Budget, you seem to have dealt with this before. In a previous post (the one b.u.ti.ful references) you state "it was a torx screw that you can get to by pulling the cover back a little. I was able to just put a washer between and tighten. Successful fix"

Was the fix temporary, or is this a new rattle?
That was a differnt problem entirely, but good memory. The problem there was the sheet metal around one of these two screws gave out, so the screw was holding air. I was able to do what you said, but that's not causing my noise.

now that I think about it, I should probably empty my ''trunk'' (storage compartment) in the rear, and the spare-tire well as well of all stuff, then see if it's still there. I only notice it late at night when i've got the music low or off. It seems to come and go though, so it's kind of odd.

FWIW I know mine's also not the hatch cover, mine's held on strong with screws on the bottom and good clips inside.
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