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Originally Posted by jaysbmw View Post
I bought a 95 clubsport 318ti and going to sell my 97 ative 318ti for $4,900
here in san francisco bay area berkeley ca, was that a good idea i miss the zip off the line but i love the clubsport looks so maybe one day i will swap out the motor or should i leave it alone.
Well, Jay, it's up to you.

At this point in time, the swapped ti is NOT a replacement for the M3, as a used M3 can be had for less than a used ti.

As I did, you have to do the swap for the love of the car, not to save a few bucks off the price of an M3, and CERTAINLY not to try and re-sell the car for a profit. That trick never works with most cars, and not these in particular.

So, I cannot answer your question for you. I can say that the $4,900.00 you get for your second ti will quickly be consumed doing a swap, and I'd like to add that I think it is a shame to convert a real ClubSport ti with so many 1996+ sport models out there. If my car was a 1995 ClubSport, I would not have done the swap- I would have waited and got a second car to swap...
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