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Default X-Brace install help please!!!

Before I ask my question(s) it needs to be said that I've read about every post on this board regarding the install of an x-brace, plus my wife and I have read/reviewed/printed many different sources regarding the install.

My problem first started when Lowes at about 20 miles away, did not have the suggested parts the website listed. But that was expected and minor. Found the parts at a local hardware store a mile from the house... So I bought the allen bolt, nut, washers, lock-tite blue and red, etc. I read the instructions word for word many times. Many.

So during my attempt today I was reading the instructions again, during the "attempt" to ensure it was done correctly because I have a tendancy to skip steps. What I think happened was the lock-tite was a little too tight on the allen bolt so it ended up I could not hold it as per instructions while turning the nut with open end wrench. I only placed a drop of the lock-tite on the bolt, just like the instructions said.

Could the lock-tite have caused this problem? Has anyone else ran into this issue before? Can one install the nutserts without lock-tite? After about an hour of wrenching on this thing, the allen bolt head finally broke off into my hand with the rest of the bolt nicely tucked into the nutsert, which was loosely, but snugly tucked in its hole on the car. Ended up drilling out the bolt from the nut, washer, nutsert combo that was stuck in the hole. Ruined the nutsert and need another one. Can that be a local purchase normally? Probably not in my case.

How can you tell when the nutsert is "in"? How far does the nut travel up the allen bolt until the nutsert should be fully collapsed in the whole? The instructions say to hold the bolt/nutsert in the whole and don't let it turn, I have a permanent dent in my hand now because of this step and it still turned!!!

Any ideas of what I did wrong guys? Again, I read the directions word for word from the website, the one most agree is the best set of instructions out there. Get to go back to the store tomorrow and buy more allen bolts and nuts. It's getting to where it would have been cheaper to have an indy shop do this for me.

Alright, thanks for listening, hope this makes sense to you, I need another beer because I'm frustrated right now. One person posted awhile back that it took him 30 minutes to install!!! Where's that beer?
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