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Originally Posted by aceyx View Post
While you're waiting, you might also try using a normal hex-head bolt using a socket to hold it. Should be a better grip than an allen key. Just get the bolt a little longer so it can fit all the way into the socket.

This is what I ended up doing with amazing results. I had been wondering why folks have been using the allen bolt instead of the normal hex-head bolt. I found some 8X35 size bolts from the local hardware store this morning, went to the Army auto skill center at Ft. Shafter and at about 10:00am started to lift the car, at 10:30 the car was done.

The keys to my successfully completing this task are/were:

1. everyone here that posted some assistance
2. hex-bolt that allowed a standard sized ratchet to be used instead of the small allen wrench
3. my wife who stayed mad at me (on purpose) until I could get this done

This was one of the easiest things I have done to the car so far.
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