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Default MPG potential problem and Fuel Filter question


Ok, after reading a few posts it seems like an average MPG should be 30 via the onboard computer. I have a '98 318ti with 112k miles. It had a Inspection II done last February.

I commute 500 miles a week on the highway. When I am on the highway my avg. MPG moves up to 25 miles per gallon. However in the city I get at best 14.

I remember once after I filled up the tank the MPG went all the way up to 18 as I was driving down the street but then once I hit some ice on the road it went to 11.

I use Premium 92/93 octane fuel. I do not have studded snow tires and this is an automatic transmission. The ASC is always on.

I will replace the spark plugs with NGK's [I think part number is 2288], change the oil with Castrol 5W-30 and replace the oil filter as well with Purolator or maybe Mann. I also want to replace the fuel filter.

Now, which brand of fuel filter do you think is best? Can I use the one from Advanced Auto Parts for $20?

Furthermore, is my MPG avg. normal and if not, what should I do or what could be the potential problems?


Also, what about
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