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27 Oct 2013
This week I thought I would make a new gear stick for it as I didn't really want to pay £35 for one! and my dad has just got a lathe from my grandad, so we thought we would try it out

We got the basic shape out of the hard wood and drilled a hole which we then pushed in and glued an old wheel nut which was the same thread size (m12x1.25), Gave it a few coats of primer to make it smooth and then gave it the final coat of shinny black!

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! might even start production

30 Oct 2013
Decided to finally sort my winter/skid wheels out today and finished painting them white, here’s what they looked like when I first brought them..

They were pretty curbed and badly painted so i spent a few days with a drill and stone to try and get the lips to a better finish, sanding were someone had tried taking the stickers of before took a while as it looked like they went at them with an axe haha!

Once I had them at a fairly good finish I put them in primer and decided to paint them white.

Pretty please with the finish even though there not perfect, they are only winter and skid wheels after all! will get around to doing the fronts soon also. Found some part worn tyres at a local garage yesterday which will be put on the refurbed ones this week hopefully

31 Oct 2013
Quick update as I'm bored at work again!
Decided the bushes in the new lower arms i ordered and yet to be fitted are rubbish, even just putting them on the arm the rubber was giving and felt like it would not do a lot so today i have ordered these powerflex poly bush's which are not cheap! but a friend has fitted them and highly recommended them. also read lots online about how good they are a great improvement over standard ones..

Last night i knocked the old rubber and housing out of one of the brackets ready for when the poly ones turn up! was a night mare to get out had to cut it to weaken it and then smash the life out of it but finally got the center out.

Then Obviously being a Lifestyler i cleaned up the bracket and primered it, probably going to buy some gold spray paint for the arms and stuff just to make it extra gay

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