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2 Nov 2013
Poly bushes came really quickly. best thing about the kit was the free key ring and stickers but then you would expect them to fit themselves for 40! I went up the lockup and got on with fitting them.

I painted the old bush housings as I'm a lifestyler and fitted the bushes in to them

I also needed to change the other lower arm I brought a few weeks ago, as I fitted one and wasn't happy with how rubbish the bushes were so I waited until I had these new bushes before fitting it.

Never thought changing a lower arm could be such a pain, the outer ball joint is a pain to get out as the bolt is so close to the bottom of the strut, but i managed to undo it a bit before it started spinning and then hack sawed the bolt of letting it drop out. the middle ball joint is also a pain! as it can only be accessed from above with a couple of extensions, once it was all out the new one bolted up pretty easy now both arms are fitted and poly bushed should hopefully make a difference

Also got these rack spacers from DriftWorks which should give me a bit more lock, I will be getting these fitted at the end of the week by a local garage who is also fitting the new track rod ends i brought, and then tracking it all up for me

19 Nov 2013
Been a while since an update.. the Friday after the last post I had the tracking done by Geoff and the rack spacers fitted.
This is before the spacers:

And this is after:

You can't really see a great deal of difference from pictures but I can now turn around in the end of a road without doing a 8 point turn and the tracking is a lot better now and feels much firmer to drive.
Ive also been playing about with spacers to get some nice poke on my wheels, i put two 5mm spacers together to put on the front to see what it was like before ordering some hub centric ones
This is before the two 5mm spacers (10mm):

And this is with them fitted:

The poke looks amazing so like a boss... I ordered some 15mm Hub Centric spacers for the fronts!

:P might need to roll the front arches some more, but the 10mm went under fairly easy so thought I would push it! I'm going to see if I can get 15mm ones on the rears when the fronts come if not will probably have to order 10mm ones for the rears
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