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Got it ready for the poly bush to be fitted in but haven't actually fitted yet as the diff is now down Ab styling being welded up will upload some more pictures of the diff and welds when I get it back.

This is what the drive shaft cups looked like, it broke most of the bolts of in there.

I have a new drive shaft with a new cup so wont be bothering to try and get the snapped ones out just yet, Also my new tyres are currently being fitted by another local garage who helps me out a lot! so I pay him in beer and hes happy We thought it was pretty funny how my tyres have worn because of the camber, you can actually see the slope in the tyre! lol

I got over excited when I was buying the poly bits and had some new disks and pads in my watch list on eBay and "accidentally" bought them too..

Should be getting the diff and wheels back fairly soon and the disks and pads should be here today, will update when everything's fitted

28 Nov 2013

New disks came yesterday so I took them straight up the lock up to fit them.

The old disks were pretty hanging and when I braked from a high speed it felt as if they was warped.. happy to be changing them

Also got new Mintex pads

Managed to get them all fitted fairly easily apart from one which i still have the wheel bearing to do, which is being a complete pain. I managed to get the hub out from the bearing and the inner casing of the bearing off of that but now I'm struggling to get the bearing out of the arm.
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