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Originally Posted by J!m View Post
Oh yeah! I can fit my entire drum kit inside easily.

Fold the seats and take out the tray and keep a spare VW Rabbit back there.
Ha, I picked up an M3 interior this summer locally and fit all of it in the Ti, he was surprised it all fit so easily.

Slight update - Replaced the original fuel pump with another OEM VDO unit, came in a continental box FWIW and it got rid of my CEL 1112. It will sometimes flash the CEL under WOT near redline, but I've read others had that issue with TRM tunes. It could also be the knock sensors. Motor still likes to drip some oil and burn it, but a full teardown won't be happening anytime soon. Over winter I'll replace the rubber fuel lines as time has eaten at them. I've driven it maybe 400 miles this year? But it's been one of the best learning projects ever.
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