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Default Feedback: Non-BMW brake parts

Our car was due for some new rotors and pads. The shop quoted me roughly $830 parts and labor (at $90 labor per axle). Holy #@$%!! After finding out that their local supplier (dealer) was quoting them $110 for one front rotor, I asked if I could supply the parts and they just install them? He was cool with that. Thank goodness!

I purchased the following parts from I was only interested in finding cost-effective replacements; I'm not an enthusiast and don't care too much about accessorizing. So as a consumer I intend to provide some feedback on these parts for your sake...if you're interested of course!

Oh! And my experience with Pelican Parts was outstanding. They processed the order the same day that I placed it. 4-Business-Day shipping was absolutely free, and the parts arrived on time.

Here are the parts I purchased (rotors, pads, and wear sensors):
Front Brake Rotor, 318ti (1995-98), Brand: Ate
2 x $25 = $50

Rear Brake Rotor, 318ti (1995-99), Brand: Balo
2 x $39.50 = $79.00

Front Brake Pad Set, OEM, 318ti (1995-98) Brand: Ate

Rear Brake Pad Set, OEM, 318ti w/ M44 (1995-98) Brand: Ate

Brake Pad Sensor, Front, Brand: PEX

Brake Pad Sensor, Rear, Brand: PEX

Total cost: $231.50
Original parts quote through local dealer: $650

We just drove the car home yesterday, so like I said I'll post an update later after we get a chance to test the new brakes.

Talk to you then,
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