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Default 2000 bmw 323ci, 27.5kmiles for SOLD!!!

Metallic red exterior, black leather interior, heated leather sport seats, cruise control, cd player, wood trim interior, power adjustable seats with memory, moonroof, sport suspension, 17inch sport wheels, trip computer, tilting parallel parking mirror, dimming rear view mirror, alarm, traction control, Gargared, no modification of any sort, the title is clean. the exterior has no scratches, straight body without dents or flaws, interior is also flawless, no cracks or rips in leather. New Oem brake pads and rotors were installed at 22,000 miles, tires were replaced @ 19,000 miles, oil changed regularly, for sale due to personal money issues.

Are you the Original Owner of the car?

No, i am the second owner of this car. I bought this car about 2 years ago from a 55 year old( could be older) computer engineer, living in studio city, prior to this the car was driven by Mckenna BMW sales manager. The car was advertised on autotrader. At this time i had just moved from Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles. My original objective was a car that got me from point A to point B. But, after driving around a rental car, i realized that the in Los Angeles, most drivers were careless and I had heard many horror stories about driver without insurance, so i decided on a german car( the absolute safest car i can afford) the car ended up being a bmw, after driving everything from volkswagons to mercedes, the color of this car was just unique and the handling was far more superior to make emergency maneuvers. so i bought it with only 16,000 miles. I had payed a very high price at that time being that it had low miles and in fantasic condition.

Any accidents or bodywork?

the car was never in any car accidents or anything major, it is difficult to get into an accident if the car has only been on the road for 27,500 miles. As for body work. the prior owner had replaced the bumper, passenger side highlight assembly, plastic corner and control arm(about 1500 dollar of work) the work was done at a reputable bmw body shop. being that the prior owner was getting old, he ended up having failing vision which was the reason he sold the car to me. the minor damaged occured while he was parking in a parking structure, he had gotten too close to the cement wall and swipe the passenger front into the wall. Before i purchased the car i had taken it to 3 mechnic and asked them if they saw any evidence of any damage. None of the 3 could tell. I had also carfax the car and found the record to be spotless. I honestly believe that carfax or mechnic can't tell you a damn thing. Imagine the lies and deception you get a dealerships, salesman are stranger who do not know the car inside and out and the consumers like myself or yourself could never tell if the car has been damaged. I am telling you this because i am a honest man trying to make a honest sale. Also because the prior owner was a respectful man who did not lie to me about the replacement of these parts. if did not tell you, you or any other person would not know.

Once i had ownership of the car i had driven to many different cities and areas like South central LA, hollywood, irvine, san diego, palm springs and so forth. I picked up a lot of light hairline scratches, eventually when i went to a city of industries to hang out. Some kids had keyed the driver side fender, door, and passenger side door and alittle bit of the rear panel. I believe this happened because the headlight on the car had very blue xenon lights on them. These were removed after this event to prevent future occurrences from happening. I was heartbroken that someone would do this to such a beautiful car. So i had these scratches removed.

That is the absolute complete history of the of the car.

What is your bottom line price?
being that the holidays are coming up and i do wish to sell the car. I will offer it to everyone for 20,500 if you buy this car before 12/15/04, if you researched the price this is the trade in value of this car. this is the best i have offered anyone. If you are an absolute serious buyer who agrees with 20,500 then i will be happy to set up an appointment and continue on with the deal. but if you are not seriously interest, i am not interested in giving out free joy rides or wasting my time.(sorry for being harsh but i am forced to be firm) I have the title in my position, there are no liens on this car.

Why are you selling the car?
Well i plan on buying a 318ti, paying off all my debts, then spending the rest of the money on my mother and doing something nice.

Pictures are here:

If you are interested email me at
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