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Default Feeler: 1998 DASC'd 318ti parts car

Okay, so here's the scoop...3 days before Christmas a little old lady pulled out in front of me, and I T-boned her 82 Buik Regal in my 98 ti. Needless to say, the front end of my car has seen better days...
I am currently (still) waiting on word from her insurance company as to whether or not they are going to "total" my car. If so, I will likely buy back my car and sell the parts, as I have quite a few mods. However, time is a premium with me, and my work schedule may not allow me the time required to fully part out the car. Therefore, I wanted to put a feeler out there to see if anyone would be interested in buying the entire car and parting it out themselves.

Here are the details:
1998 318ti Sport (M-Tech) Arctic Silver
Black half-leather interior (good condition)
136,000 miles (all highway)
5 speed manual
DA Supercharger kit (approx 40k miles)
M3 clutch, lightweight flywheel (approx 20k miles)
Triflo Exhaust (approx 40k miles)
H&R Coilovers (approx 40k miles)
Front K-Mac camber kit (less than 1k miles)
Rear HD shock mounts (less than 1k miles)
Front ACS upper strut bar (approx 40k miles)
RD sways (approx 40k miles)
X-Brace (brand new)
Brembo cross-drilled rotors, Hawk HPS pads, SS lines (less than 1k miles)
M3 mirrors (authentic)
M3 (half clear half red) tails
Front M3 lip
Clear sidemarkers
Euro AE Headlights (damaged in accident)
ACS rear roof and trunk spoilers
ACS 17" Type III's (authentic) w/ Bridgestone S-02's & S-03's (need rears)
Factory 16" 5 spokes w/ (Brand new) Blizzaks (less than 2k miles)
and other stuffs...

The front end of the car is damaged; hood, core support, grill, front bumper, both fenders, and radiator (was leaking coolant at the scene). The airbags did not deploy, and all glass (save for the headlights and brand new fogs) is in tact.
Of course, I may be jumping the gun here, and the insurance company may elect to repair the vehicle...but it has been well over a week now and they are "assessing the value of my car". If the car ends up being repaired, I apologize for the false alarm. If not, please contact me if interested (preferrably in taking the entire car off of my hands).

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