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Originally Posted by L84THSKY
We seem to have similar mods, and or future upgrades. I was planning on putting Bav Auto springs and Bilstein sports on in the spring. I just bought 235/45/17 tires for my new Rial rims. How do you think this wheel/tire combo would work with the upgraded suspension?
I like the Bilstein sports, and have heard good things about the Bav Auto springs (though I have no individual experience with them). I was running 235/40/17 tires for a while and found the widened footprint to be an improvement. However, with the H&R coilovers, I had to use 7mm spacers up front to achieve "gnat-wing" clearance between the coilovers and the tires. I also found that the front tires would rub the wheel liners if the steering was maxed out side-to-side. The rears did not seem to be a problem. I did eventually go to 225/45/17 tires after a while up front, and left my rears at 235.
Good luck with your mods and your car though...
I already miss my ti.
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