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Originally Posted by D33p View Post
not sure, it seems new, i know that does not meant anything. But everything else in the car seems to work fine, stereo and such. Could I hook a volt meter up to it to check it out?
Many auto parts stores can load test them for free. A volt meter alone won't do it. I'd like to start eliminating the simple stuff one-by-one (for free in this case) before you start digging deep into other issues.

I had a battery this summer that would not crank the engine at all after sitting for a few days. The starter solenoid would just click away. The power windows opened and closed at the proper speed, the headlight were bright, the stereo was fine, etc. In spite of that, the battery just wasn't able to provide enough power to get the starter to work properly. Again, the battery is just a suggestion at this point, but something simple to rule-out. Can someone try to give you a jumpstart?

EDIT: Well I guess the voltmeter is good for a simple test.
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