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Default 96 318ti with 94 325i Engine

If anyone remembers, back in December I picked up a 318ti.

96 318ti with automatic transmission, 130K miles, Free

Visually it was in great shape, but the engine was blown.

Since then, I have been watching for a cheap 325i to use for a manual transmission and engine swap.

Last week I picked up this:

94 325i with manual transmission, 170K miles, $1000

This car was originally going to be turned into a track car, but the owner gave up on it due to lack of funds, and lack of time. It is actually drivable in its current condition, but I would not suggest it. Amazingly it only has one check engine code for the EVAP system (because it is currently unhooked).

It came with Bilstein HD struts, a TMS DME chip (I will need to dump this and see what is on it), and a set of staggered replica M Contour 17 inch rims. He said one of the rims might be tweaked a little, so I will have to get them checked at the local shop. The car might also have a short shifter, and he claimed it had an M3 exhaust, but I am not sure. All of this will be transfered over to the 318ti.

Unfortunately It did not come with hoses for the AC, the AC compressor, or cruise control. Hopefully I can find them all at the junkyard. Otherwise I will just wait and add them later.

For now I am finishing up gutting the climate control out of the 325i. In a few weeks I will have space in the shop to put the 325i and 318ti in, and then the swap will begin.

Edit: I do have a 2.93 differential on hand, but it is open and it has the 5 series back plate on it. Next time I am at the junkyard I am going to try to find another from a E30 that has an LSD. Worst case I can mix and match parts to make what I need.
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