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I wasn't planning on getting rid of the chip, but I do have an EEPROM reader and was planing on making a BIN of it. I can post it here when I eventually dump it.

I finally had some free time this last weekend so I got the engine out:

I ended up taking the engine and transmission out together. I put a floor jack under the transmission, and put a hoist on the front engine mount. Then I pulled the engine out as far as I could, and then put the belt around the transmission on the other hoist to get it out.

I ended up lowering the steering rack (4 bolts, 1 U Joint) to make it easier to remove the engine.

I started making a list of all the stuff I need:

Full set of shifter bushings and plastic washers
Valve cover gasket set (Minor Leak)
Oil Pan gasket (Minor leak)
Transmission shift lever seal (Leak)
Probably Transmission output seal (maybe input too?) while I am at it
Engine mounts are bad.
Probably transmission mounts while I am at it
Guibo looks like it may have been replaced already.
One exhaust stud broke off
Lower temp fan switch and lower temp thermostat (for fan delete)

I have not yet looked at the clutch, and I need to inspect the intake (Previous owner had removed the intake and was going to sell it separate before I offered to buy the car whole).

The free rims are now in town getting dismounted:

It looks like the previous owner tried to rotate these staggered tires and ended up with the wide ones on the front. There are some major wear marks on the inside of the wheel well, and you can see a chunk taken out of this tire.

I test fitted them on the 318ti and they seemed fine with the wide in the back and narrow on the front. I will probably be using them once they are fixed up.

Here is a picture of a similar rim being used on someone else's 318ti:
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