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I started ripping into the 318ti last week, but I do not have the engine and transmission out yet.

This weekend I went to the junkyard. For $100 I picked up 2 3.73 E30 LSDs, 3 E30 axles, an E30 sunroof wind deflector (Might fit the e36?), and an Nissan 300zx seat (To make into a desk chair).

I am not sure if I will actually use two of these E30 axles, or just use them as core exchanges.

It looks like I will be spending about another $500 on seals, mounts, and other little parts:

Once I am sure I have everything figured out, I will place one large order from pelican parts.

I have already ordered a new clutch kit with a sprung full face Kevlar disc and 16 pound steel flywheel (Versus the stock 25 pound dual mass flywheel). It was about $480.
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