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Worked like a charm...once I finished the job!

I got everything disassembled and was amazed that nothing had gone wrong yet! I thought to myself: "This might be the first time I work on my car without some unforseen misfortune!"

Then as I was torquing the bolts back into the oil filter housing, I sheared the bolt by tightening it too much by accident! I had half a bolt stuck in my engine. and only about 2 mils were sticking out, making it hard to extract this bolt. It was at an awkward position to try and drill it out. Several hours later and two cans of freeze off and several pairs of pliers later, I managed to actually twist this bad boy out!

Then I had to wait a week for new bolts to get shipped to me!

On a side note, make sure you keep track of which bolts go where. Not hard if everything goes smoothly, but after being carless for a week, I was glad I labeled all the bolts!
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