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Originally Posted by jg e36 View Post
The old one should be ok
That's good, I only got the o-rings and gasket too. Good to know which direction the bush goes in, whoever worked on my ti before I bought it, didn't do anything right. Even the valve cover gasket I just replaced was in wrong at the rear, making it leak like a seeve. Got that fixed, now to change the oil filter housing gaskets/o-rings...
Then it looks like the front crankshaft seal is leaking too...possibly the rear also...

This is the first Bimmer I ever owned that leaked so bad.
Even my '84 325e Coupe with 217K didn't leak...
Goes to show, if you get a bad mechanic working on something, (I even had two stripped valve cover bolts, one one the rear spark plug valley on the ti) they can sure fudge things up...
By the way, if you run into this problem with stripped bolts, (threads gone inside engine or head) what I did was use slightly longer bolts to catch the good treads. I ran a tap in first, to clean up the threads, and blew them out with compressed air.
Love ALL Bimmers. Have to, or they would not be cost effective.
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