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Originally Posted by jg e36 View Post
This may not be your case, but when I first noticed the leak it looked like the front crankshaft seal was to blame, that was before I discovered the oil puddle at the base of the filter housing. What happened was that the oil leaking from the housing ran down and behind the crank pulley making me believe that the fron seal was bad. Once I got the area cleaned up and the rings and gaskets replaced there is no evidence of any oil around the housing or the front crankshaft seal.
I recommend you to clean the area and do the housing fix, then drive for a while and re-check to see how's everithing looking.
Good luck
I'm praying you're right! A BMW specialist I get my parts from in Berkeley, said he doubted it was the front seal, he hardly ever sells the front or rear seal unless it's for a rebuild.
Mine has been so cobbled up, I am being pessimestic.
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