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14 is pretty low, I would also think about O2 sensors. Something is wrong with the car to get that low of MPG. Ice shouldn't make a difference. The things you are looking at are the right things to look at, but I would think that the fuel filter should still be good. It should be replaced with an inspection II, as should your spark plugs, so those should be good as well.

Have you actually calculated your MPG manually? It is possible for the OBC to be wrong. Record your mileage and the amount of fuel you put into the car for a month or two, and determine what your MPG is. If you are resetting the OBC MPG counter all of the time, it isn't giving you an average, but rather an instant reading. I like the newer OBCs because they have two MPG counters. So I can reset one to get more of an instant reading, and I leave the other so I have a long term average.

I use the Mahle-Knecht fuel filters. You can get them online for 15$. I tend to avoid the generic parts from the major auto parts stores.

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