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Exclamation Ti body parts, wires, sunroof and many other parts! Updated! PA LOCAL

I have a 98 ti, black, that i am parting out in Pennsylvania (19559).

UPDATED: 3-28-2011

IF you buy them outside ebay (paypal or cash) i will provide a HUGE discount of 20% off what the ebay price is. (ebay charges like 15% and personally, i hate selling on EBAY) so if you see anything listed on ebay, and you want it let me know ASAP before someone buys it on Ebay. if you buy it on Ebay, no discount will be giving.. sorry.

Ignore the other junk i have. i am slowly listing BMW parts.

Motor: SOLD

Tranny, SOLD

Computers behind glove box: let me know what you need. make offer (not on ebay yet)

ignition with EWS and keys make offer. starts fine, barrel seems to be in great shape yet.

Driver side door from 98. BLACK. No dents or major scratches. comes with power windows. no inside trim/panel.
i can remove/help you remove. i rather not ship, shipping will be 100$ if i do.
Make offer.
(NOTE, passenger side door sold)

Driver side mirror, black. mirror looks good, but the glass is starting to turn alittle brown around the edges. i assume it is permanent, but maybe it is just something on them? looks great on the outside.

make offer, shipping is $10, outside USA is $30.00

Sunroof, black. Grey interior panel. looks great, and works fine. COMES WITH MOTOR (most people sell the motor seperate for $70+) $140 takes everything + shipping cost.

driver side fender, black. looks fine. make offer.

exhaust and/or cat converter . SOLD

Carpet, SOLD

seatbelts, front and rear. make offer, i can ship all of them for $15 inside the USA if needed.
i also have them on ebay for pretty pricy, but a fair offer takes what you need or all of them.

Rear Calipers/Pads/Rotors Looks like the pads have a ton of life left on them, and rotors seem to be in acceptable shape. calipers work fine. looks to get rid of everything in one package, but if you need anything, let me know. they are still on the car to keep it mobile, but i can remove.

front wire harness / fuse box SOLD

OEM trim, side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper
Trim / side skirts are in great shape.

rear bumper has minor paint damage on the very top.

Front bumper is perfect, but the sun is starting to get to it, and the paint is rough and losing color. some polish, or at worse clear coating should fit it up. either way, it looked FINE on the car. could not tell until i took it off.

Make offer on all those parts. shipping is pricy, figure like $60 for shipping a bumper (size more then weight) and $50 for side skirts. i will try to keep shipping the REAL price it cost me.
best offer. pick up only

ANY PART YOU SEE/ DONT SEE just let me know what you need, and if i have it, we can go from their. the motor was just removed, so most of the stuff behind the motor is their, and anything that allows the car to move is still in tact.

ENTIRE CAR. (or what is left of it) just make offer. not much left on it though, mostly the arms/brakes/suspension/wires/quarter panels/roof/steering/windows and other parts. lots left if you want to part it out. fair offer takes it, you pick it up.

LET ME KNOW. located at 19559, right off 183 and 78 highway. pretty easy drive, since it is all highway.

i will not ship heavy items, since the shipping will be more then the item in most cases. just goto your local junk yard.

subs are new, still in box except the alpine.

PM me, and i can get back to you about anything.

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