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Engine shots

You can now replace the timing case cover gaskets, but I will also dig further in at this point and replace the timing chain guides and chain tensioner. I haven't heard of many issues with timing chain guides on the M42 or M44, but after 15+ years and 210,000 miles, how good can plastic internal engine parts be??

To remove the guides you will need to remove the timing chain and its sprockets. The instructions are in the Bentely manual, and you will also need the timing tools which are a cam locking jig and a flywheel TDC pin.

Once the engine is locked, you can remove the chain tensioner.

Now remove the cam sprocket bolts. I suggest zip tying the chain to the cam sprockets and also not letting the chain "skip a tooth" at the crankshaft sprocket as you remove it. Keeping the chain and sprockets matched simplifies the installation.

Here's the chain and sprockets removed as one unit.

And the engine without its chain.

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