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After the guides and chain are reinstalled, the new chain tensioner can be installed. There was a note with my new tensioner saying to run the engine at 3,500 RPM for 20 seconds immediately upon first start up. I'm assuming this is to build oil pressure up on the tenisoner right away.

Please follow the proper timing procedures listed in the BMW TIS or Bentley! Triple check your timing beofre you button it back up!

I installed the new gaskets using Hylomar Universal Blue gasket sealer, until I ran out. I then used Permatex No. 2 Gasket Sealer which is a similar type product.

To hold the gaskets in the place I made these little tools (which I think is also a BMW "special tool"). Just long, M6 bolts with the heads cut off.

In addition, install a new front oil radial seal. You need to forcefully pry the old one out and carefull tap in the new one. These are difficult seals to set, just like rear main seals. I suggest generously oiling/greasing the seal's lip and well as the vibration dampener surface which it contacts.

Once the lower timing cover is in place you can reinstall the vibration dampener. Using the crank holding tool again, torque a NEW main bolt to 244 ft.-lbs. I needed to borrow a torque wrench from AutoZone that went up to 250 ft.-lbs., mine only goes to 150.

That's about it - just work backwards from there, following the tips on the Bentley manual, chapter 117. While my car didn't need it, I decided to replace the valve cover gasket, spark plug tube seals, oil seal for the cam sprayer and the thermostat.

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