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The crank pulley holder is a SIR Tools #3034-2. I got it at - $58.80 right now. I couldn't find an aftermarket spacer piece so I ordered one right from a BMW dealer. The tool number is "11 2 410" which equates to BMW part #83300490884 (I think). $33.92 at HuskerBMW /

The project took me just a tad over one full day, taking my time and trying to do things "right". I used one overnight to allow the gasket sealer to cure basically. The second day was just refilling the cooling system and double checking my work. It's really not too bad, just kind of involved. The crankshaft seal is actually the easiest of this type of seal I have come across. This is because it's pressed in to the lower timing case cover, but you remove the cover so the seal can be removed and installed while sitting on your workbench. You just pry it out and take your time (and a few attempts) tapping it back in to place.

As an update to this DIY I still have a slight (but much reduced) oil leak. I'm pretty sure it's the oil pan gasket in this case which I have suspected to leak for many years - I'll do that next summer. The quadfecta* of oil leak repairs will maybe give me an oil-leak free car for the first time in 8 years when I bought this!

* Valve cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket, timing case cover gaskets, oil pan gasket

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