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Sorry guys, here is the car I want to sell - its a 325i from 2001

It has a manual transmission, red leather interior, and 115k miles on it.

It has a huge laundry list of things that I have fixed on it over the years, since buying it used from its original owner back in 2005, most of them are recent. We owned it in Boston and drove it cross country. I wouldnt hesitate doing it again in this car as it has been extremely dependable to us and I know that it will treat the next owner well.

Of the new things it has, brand new suspension - both control arm bushings (Urethane) and housings, shocks, all new shock mounts, new spring perches, new bump stops all around - this is my girlfriend's car and I did all the work personally, and replaced everything with meticulous care. I can tell you everything up to the torque spec of each bolt that I tightened.

I replaced the cooling system (waterpump, thermostat, expansion housing, hoses) at around 100k miles, and can do another coolant flush before you title gets transferred to a new buyer if you wish.

I replaced the valvecover gasket at around 110k miles.

Oil changes were done by me personally as well, and I have a record of the most recent one as I did it at the dealership, before doing the shocks, this was done less than 1.5k miles ago.

Everything works great in the car, there are no mechanical problems whatsoever, the underside is pretty dry as well, and there are no unusual leaks or noises at any point in driving the car.

The car has never been in an accident and the exterior is very clean. I will pay to professionally wash the car before the new owner will take it home. The only thing that was ever wrong with it was a broken front lower bumper insert, and I replaced it with an OEM part from the BMW dealership. I never put anything that was not BMW in the car, except for the urethane bushings, they are the Powerflex purple Bushings that restored the handling capabilities of the car to when it was virtually brand new. There are no dings anywhere, there are minor scuff marks (less than a quarter inch) from someone pushing into it while parking, and there is a very small scratch on the hood close to the roundel, besides that the car's exterior is in great shape.

The car was babied by me and I took exceptional care of it, I wouldnt let anyone else work on it as this was my girlfriend's car; the car is very safe, it has 12 airbags and a good crash safety record, which was part of the reason we bought it for my girlfriend originally, and we really want it to go to a good family. It has a cold weather package, sport package. Some of the rare perks of it are the two-tone red and black door panels which were almost never offered on a non-M car, and heated red leather seats.

If you would like to know more about the car, or to make an appointment to check it out please email me or call at (six 1 seven) 501 - six 3 four 5

Its located in the san francisco bay area, and I can meet you somewhere of your choosing.

Cheers all!

Exterior pics are too big, so here is the link to my craigslist ad:
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