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Default New 318ti owner... fuel pump question

Hello all,

I have just picked up my first e36, a 1996 318TI sport. I got a great deal on the car but it is in need of a LOT of work.

Right now, there is a VERY strong odor of fuel inside the car. The previous owner claimed that a new fuel pump was recently installed. I removed the back seat and checked under both covers to try and locate a leak and found a bit of old, bad gas sitting in the top of the fuel pump housing. I looked all over and couldn't find a fuel leak and even drove the car around with the back seat out to see if I could see anything coming out, but there isn't.

I did quite a bit of reading here and elsewhere about the fuel pump setup on this car and from what I can tell, I do not think I have the correct fuel pump in the car. This pump is blue and only has one hose going to it. From what I read, this car should have a green pump, right?

First I need to know if I even have the correct fuel pump. As for the fuel smell, I'm assuming the o-ring is missing between the large cap that holds the pump in and the tank.

Here's a pic of what I'm dealing with, after I cleaned the old fuel gunk up:
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