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I just saw this but I’ve been running my swap since about 2001 and never ran across this issue.

At first the car was checked at the pipe and within new car tolerance (for a 328 even, not a 3.2 liter) and since been plugged in to the dme to check more recently.

The fuel filter should be new/clean when you do the swap. 1/2 bar is like 7 PSI so that difference is increased with the restriction of a bad/dirty fuel filter.

Good to have this documented but I don’t think this was the root cause. I was going to suggest the secondary air pump efficiency is poor, if the emission check was on a cold engine.

The other thing to do is run it to 1/4 tank and add two cans of “dry gas” which they may not even sell in warm CA. That will clean it up. Also be sure your air filter is NOT an oiled type, and that it is clean or removed for testing.

Keep us posted on other developments.
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