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Default Cluster Swap

Sorry chevale but as a new member I don't know how to start a new thread so I need to tack onto yours.

My son scored a super clean E36 M3 dash cluster which I installed into his 1998 E36/5. Crystal is like glass and it still has the factory warning decals on it! I installed it but I need some advice.


OEM cluster 62.11-8 371 562
Donor M3 cluster 62-11-2 492 986, Realoem says 9/96-3/07

The mileage block would not swap due to the alignment lugs being opposite. M3 block was black, original was white. I haven't driven it yet but the Tamper Dot has not shown up so far. If it does I'll use the existing posted repair. I read that E36's don't have a tamper light but that's not confirmed.

Sans the tach error the cluster works well except for the mpg gauge which swings all the way to the right and stays there. QUESTION; In cars with factory installed mpg gauges would it normally do that upon cold start?

I purchased and read J!m's swap book that shows how to hook the mpg gauge up but the car already has wiring in those pins. According to a 1999 BMW Ti electrical book that I have, the the mpg wiring is already in the car. It's in different pins than in J!m's book but for sure its the mpg wires. See below.

Flow - DME pin 42 > green/red wire >-X6031 pin 3 > green/red wire> A2W blue connector X17 pin 13.

Two weird things, if this car didn't come with an mpg gauge then why is it shown in the '99 ti electrical book and actually wired in the car? Whats also weird is the manual says pin 13 in cluster connector X17 is an output not an input.

QUESTION: Anyone have any thoughts on this?

P.S. I tried to physically trace the flow though the OEM dash from pin 13 to what it goes to in the cluster but its a very complex integrated circuit board.
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