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Hi 6n, Going thru that now.

'98 Hellrot Ti survivor car, little to no rust
Black M interior and M dash & Vadors which are all wired up properly. Looks factory w/no passive restraint or check engine light. Only got one seat heater to work though. The MPG gauge seems to work also.
'96 M52B28 iron block from a cabrio. At machine shop for line hone (for studs) and a quick shave.
'99 M3 harness
'00 Z3M DME. Probably going to Kassel
OBD 1 manifold. Adapter kit from Kassel.
'92 IS coupe LSD carrier in the original Diff housing and original 3.46 gear set.
Exorbitant $$'s for S cams now so planning on using Riot Racing cams and their big bore throttle body. They have an exchange program for both.

Using an '99 M3 harness which we sent to Jonathon at Redline (Per Jim's advice) for a rework and also sent the Vanos. Too inexpensive not to on both. They said it'll be plug and play but I suspect we'll need to move a wire or two. They're also removing the third extra (big) plug that goes near the master cylinder. Becomes vestigial on a Ti

We opted to use the M3 harness vs the ZM harness that we have as its exactly the same bundling and plastic encasement. Looking to sell the Z harness if you need something from it.

Pulling the rear sub-frame now to reinforce the floor. Until we source an M rear assembly we'll reinforce and also built a right side diff mount. Hoping for 300 at the wheels but we know that's optimistic. Ill post as we make progress but its glacially slow.
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