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Its going to take some time have the M52 ready. Hated to take it apart but it had a coolant leak and needed a refresh. Given that and since its middle of winter we are in the process of pulling the rear subframe to strengthen up the frame and diff mounts. Have it half out and it seems fairly straight forward.

We were planning on unhooking the e-brake cables from inside the car but does anyone have any thoughts on just unhooking them at the spindle??? Seem less intrusive that way.

Already built a right side diff mount but while its out we'll weld ilayer of tin on the left mount tabs then mill up a hockey puck for it if its big enough.

The big nut and washer on the mount pictured appears to not be needed. I just added it in case the mount spread apart at the hockey puck insulator. It hasn't moved so I'll be cutting the stud 1/2" stud off the body side plate.
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