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Originally Posted by Alivinglegend View Post
With it all bolted up the tabs that grab the rear mount appear to be in constant contact with the rear cover. I am getting more diff noise in the cabin than before, but I made some other changes at the same time so it might not be just the diff. Exhaust and suspension were replaced too. At some point I'll probably drop the diff again and grind those tabs back so that they have more clearance.
I just finished a medium case diff swap and ran into the same issue. The steel diff bushing tab towards the front of the car will rub against the side of the wider medium case diff. What I did was just bend the tab with a crescent wrench, rather than grind it. You don't have to bend it much to get it to clear, and this keeps the coating more or less intact. No issues so far.

The diff I used was a 3.64 Torsen LSD from a Z3. Speed sensor is identical to the 318ti so I used the Z3 one.

I used shafts from a 1989 E30 6 cylinder. They fit perfectly, but you have to shim the ABS sensors as has been mentioned previously. I initially used a 5/8" washer ground to fit but it was too thick and gave me ABS issues at low speeds. What worked better was stacking some stainless steel round shims. You will need 18mm I.D. for the sensor and 6mm I.D. for the little hex bolt. I used 4x 0.5mm thick shims, so 2mm thick overall. This was about half the thickness of the 5/8" washer I used at first.

As a side note, I have the standard 3.45 small case open diff and shafts sitting around now if anyone needs them for a project. Located in Northern CA.

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