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Its not a scam and its not a farce.
Its our god given right to consume whatever we want and accept the consequences good or bad, its our choice.
We don't throw people in jail for drinking Motor oil yet its Obviously lethal and toxic.
who are you or me to say that a person cant smoke MJ for things like migraines, headaches, nausea ect. are you a doctor?
just because a toke of some MJ doesn't do anything for you it doesn't mean the next person is subject to the same.
All of our physiology are different, and if a toke toke can help with depression, anxiety (which are medical conditions) why would we deny that to a person simply because our beliefs don't approve of it.
MJ has been around for thousands of years, if you would pick up a book you would see that this prohibition is a violation of our first amendment and a counteractive movement that oppresses our civil rights.

P.s I dont smoke
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