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i don't care either way.
i think it does help some...and i think a sh!t ton of idiots are jumping on the "lets get stoned legally" bandwagon....
i'm to fuggin' stupid to know how it all works. and to be honest with ya...i don't give a rats ass. i think it should be legal across the board...why not?
i attended college under a Hoticulture major...i know how to grow anything green...i specialize in golf turf management...but if i know anything, it's GRASS!
i smoked the ganja for a good part of my teens and turned into a mush mouthed i see how it effects the "normal joe" who slacks at work and looks to me to pull his weight.
there is good in MMJ...but, the people who benifit from it are going to loose their privileges do to these clowns who don't need it but found a legal loophole to obtain it.

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