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Default New Aussie 318ti owner

Hi all,

I recently picked up a little 318ti with a bit of work done to it, just touching up a few last little bits and pieces now before getting it on the road here in Melbourne, Australia.

The old girl started life as a humble Techno-Violet mtech 318ti. She's now also got;
- M52B28 motor
- ZF320 gearbox
- M50B25 manifold
- ECU tune to suit
- BC Coilovers
- 3.64 medium case LSD with E30 LSD centre
- Convertible X-brace
- New poly bushes
- E46 steering rack
- Gresham gearbox mounted shifter
- Rear seat delete (replaced with carpeted wooden false floor)

Just grabbed some light weight wheels on her (TR Motorsport C2's in 17x8.5 +40) now and some new 255/45/17 RS4's. Getting height and alignment sorted and a couple of dicky little ABS and ECU bugs I'll probably hassle you guys about elsewhere on the forum

She'll be my daily driver once she's back on the road. Should make for a really nice little punchy drivers car with still having a litttttle bit of that creature comfort life.

Pics are from previous owner hence slammed and OZ Futura wheels (which I personally didn't like)

Also if anyone has any good advice or tips for mods or anything at all I'm all ears.

My ideas for future plans:
- 328ti badge :P
- Sports / bucket seats
- Replace Gresham shifter with RTD shifter (seems like it is smoother with the springs to return to centre)
- Add AC compressor so I don't die from heat in Aussie Summer.
- Steering wheels, maybe one of those alacantra ones that guy does out of Poland.
- Single DIN Android smart headunit for Android Auto etc
- New good quality from split speakers and some kind of subwoofer for better in car audio.
- Maybe wire in Link ECU for better OBD outputs for track work. Better tuning, and will work with other engines if I ever go 1.5JZ, LS1 or something else one day. Oh also will allow electronic throttle body so I can add cruise control 'easily'.

Got some pics in a Google album here
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